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„Pinigėnai“: online game platform


  • To enrich experience of Initial Teacher Education students on how Entrepreneurship Education activities for primary students can be developed.
  • To work directly in the classroom with primary students or integrate the platform into subjects’ lessons.



The platform provides lots of opportunities for games, so duration can vary depending on needs.


“Pinigėnai” is a fun, educational game for children aged 5-9 and young people. "Pinigėnai" helps to introduce children to the most important principles of earning and spending money and to explain their value in a fun and interesting way. This website and the tasks on it are designed to help teach children how to handle money properly. In addition, most tasks can be a great basis for conversations and discussions with children about money and decisions related to real-life situations. “Pinigėnai” is a Lithuanian version of the educational game Moneyville, created by the Danske Bank Group in cooperation with experienced experts. “Pinigėnai” is part of Danske Bank's financial literacy program to develop basic financial skills for children and young people. The “Pinigėnai” website can be used by anyone. Since the game was launched in 2008, within three years users have registered more than 575 thousand times on the website of the game "Pinigėnai" and the total number of logins was approaching 2.5 million. In eight countries, the game attracted more than 5.3 million users, who logged in 20 million times and spent 90 million minutes in the game. Lithuanian game “Pinigėnai” and it’s version in other languages – Moneyville, has iPad and Android apps available too.


Pinigėnai is awailable only in Lithanian

For other than Lithuanian language users: Moneyville – English, Irish,  Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, Finish.