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Toolbox created by TES initiative


  • to develop Entrepreneurship Competence of future teachers;
  • to become familiar with tools, prepared by other in-service teachers or other interested parties for different education levels (including primary school and Higher Education);
  • to create and to share tools in the provided platform.



Depends on a particular tool.


TES is one of the largest entrepreneurship education initiatives in Europe, co-funded by the European Commission through the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP). It aims at supporting teachers’ professional development in applying the entrepreneurial learning in several subjects and learning environments (primary, secondary, upper secondary and vocational schools). As teachers are playing a leading role in the implementation and evolution of entrepreneurial learning: thousands of good tools and methods for entrepreneurial learning are used in European schools every day. The Virtual Guide constitutes the first attempt to systematize them with over 100 tools and methods included in the first edition, but it aims to further grow and to become an increasingly important go-to place for entrepreneurial teachers in search of good ideas and examples. In order to achieve such a goal, we need your help to broaden the variety of tools and methods presented in the guide. If you have developed experiences, best practices or new ideas share them by filling the form provided on the website. The Virtual Guide provides 33 tools for lower primary and 55 for higher primary levels, and 48 tools for Initial Teacher Education.