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General: To motivate teachers to act and develop new ideas to contribute to the entrepreneurial education.

Specific: Related to the 5 phases of the Design Thinking methodology.

  1. To empathize with the suggested problem.
  2. To interpret in a proper way the problem to be solved.
  3. To select ideas to answer the problem.
  4. To transform ideas into prototypes. 


The awareness programme is programmed to be carried out in a total of 5 sessions. In each session a block of the programme will be worked. Each block corresponds to each phase of Design Thinking.

The program is structured in 5 sessions of 2 hours of duration that will be carried out throughout 5 weeks every Wednesday afternoon after the end of the classes.



In order to carry out the activities in a dynamic way following the process of Design thinking, the programme will be carried out with a maximum of 30 people, who will work in small groups (6 people per group) with the exception of the activities of the last session which will be carried out all together.

Each teacher will be given a file where they will find the different readings for each block and the steps they must follow to carry out the different activities.

At the end of the programme, on the one hand, each participant will have to fill in a rubric in order to reflect on the learning they have acquired in each of the phases and, on the other hand, they will find a scale of assessment to evaluate whether they have personally developed the competences that characterise an entrepreneur or not.

Finally, teachers will be able to reflect and write suggestions about the entire process followed by them in order to make future improvements to the programme.

This programme has been produced by Ainhoa Ituño Martín (participant of EIPTE project) and Jon Hernández Fernández, both last year students of the Primary Education degree of the University of Deusto.



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About Arantza Arruti

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