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If you already have an idea or product that needs to be developed, a certain one is also required provocation of the brain to think in new paths. Then it may be time to provoke your creativity idea or product through this steps.

Provoke creativity

On the contrary, turn to the positive and negative, opposites, back and forth. Up and down, throw about roles, try the unexpected.
( Lawn service - Fertilize customers' lawns instead of mowing them)

Compensation , who else, what else, when otherwise, other elements, other material, different capacity, different location, etc.
(Sell plastic grass in many different colors.)

New use, with change or without, better use, others
(Flower meadow cultivation in flat pots for having balconies for example.)

Combining, sorting, mixing, recombining, selecting, combining different purposes, combine ideas.
(Vacation service sold to companies who then give it to their employees. Instead of staff party everyone gets a free mowing, flower watch or mail pickup for the holidays.)

Adaptation, something to imitate, previous equivalence, something to surpass, build on. Subscribe to lawn service. (We will come every week no matter how much the grass has grown.)

Modification, new interpretations, meaning, color, movements, sound, smell, shape or pattern changes, other changes.
(Hire the singing gardener and offer singing and freshly baked buns.)

Exchange of components, different designs, different order, different appearance, different tempo, other's schedule, reversal of cause and effect.

Magnification, adding, greater, greater speed, more often, extra value, doubling, multiple, increased strength, reinforcement, additive, extra details, exaggeration.

Decrease, what can be deducted, removed, skipped, made smaller, fewer parts, crowded together, omitted, divided, made faster, deliberately underestimated.

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