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Intensive Program

Each partner country arranges one Intensive Program week for students and project members. Additional information regarding the different IP meetings can be found below.

Roskilde, May 2018

Antwerpen, Novenber 2018

Bilbao, April 2019

Sundsvall, October 2019

Vilnius, March 2019

Selection Process for Intensive Programs

The intensive programs were a crucial part of the EIPTE project. In order to select students, criteria were put in place and individually adjusted in each institution.

Firstly, the EIPTE project and the intensive weeks were presented to pre-service primary school teachers. In some institutions (e.g. Leuphana University and AP Hogeschool), interested students were asked to write a letter of motivation where they explained their understanding of entrepreneurship education, what they hoped to learn and how such an experience would make them better teachers. In a second step, students were invited to a group interview. Based on the letters of motivation and the interview, students were then selected to participate. In other institutions (e.g. University of Deusto), students were grouped and worked in teams to solve a problem and present their solution. The students were then asked to also write a letter of motivation explaining why they wanted to participate in the EIPTE project.