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Härnösand, July 2020

Technichus conducts a number of different entrepreneurship programs and projects in addition to EIPTE. One of these is Young Rural Entrepreneur. Where a number of young people get to create their own summer jobs. This year we have coordinated this with EIPTE and made a multipler event out of the first summer holiday week which is a Kickoff week.

The week is mandatory and each participant is helped to develop ideas and make a simple business plan. The week includes lectures and exercises that promote entrepreneurial thinking and learning. They also get our digital startup guide - about young entrepreneurs who want to succeed in doing business online. After the week, the young people are certified Young Rural Entrepreneur!

As certified, the participants receive a start-up capital of SEK 2,000 so that they can quickly get started with their company. Then it's time to start the business and start selling the product or service that is the idea. Since you are your own boss, you decide for yourself to what extent you work. Most people usually work with their company for at least 3 weeks. During their time as entrepreneurs, participants have access to a personal tutor who accompanies them along the way. We end with a meeting where the participants tell about their experiences. There will be an award ceremony and everyone will receive a diploma, which can be a good merit in a future CV. If the participants want to continue running your business, we can suggest different ways to move forward.