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Intellectual Outputs

IO1 - Toolbox for Entrepreneurship in Initial Primary Teacher Education

IO2 - European Level Platform

IO3 - Framework: Entrepreneurship Education for HEI´s with Initial Primary Teacher Education

IO4 - Guidelines for the Toolbox for Entrepreneurship in Initial Primary Teacher Education

IO5 - Research on the ecosystem for EE in HEI´s with Initial Teacher Education

The ecosystem contains the institutional environment, the engagement of key stakeholders, and the development of entrepreneurial practices.
This intellectual outputs analyses effective ecosystems for entrepreneurship education with a focus on Initial Primary Teacher Education. It then provides a series of recommendations for the development of a comprehensive ecosystem for entrepreneurship in initial teacher education for primary teachers.

IO 6 - Web-based self-evaluation for EE competences as a primary teacher

IO7 - Report for Policy-Makers on EE competences in Initial Primary Teacher Education

IO8 -

IO9 - Research paper on students´ competences pre and post entrepreneurship education in ITE

This paper is based on systematic enquiry into teacher students’ evaluation of their entrepreneurial skills before and after participation in a curriculum based module. The study investigates how the relation was between the entrepreneurial education module and students’ entrepreneurial intentions while taking the module. The module took place three times (2018-20) and the results of the preliminary studies of the first two modules were used to improve the third module. The participants were Erasmus students and Danish students and along the way these teacher students revealed different approaches to Entrepreneurship Education.

The development of entrepreneurial skills and mindset is one of eight key objectives for lifelong learning defined by the European Commission in 2006, and since then, the EU member states have been working on implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship into the national education systems, but so far no common understanding of the concepts has been developed. Some member states focused on students’ adaptation to a dominant socio-economic logic in society by targeting on entrepreneurship aimed at a commercial market, while other countries have focused more on entrepreneurship as creating social and cultural value for others. In these modules, the teacher students mostly operated within the latter approach. 

IO10 - Research paper on the perceptions of entrepreneurial competences

Research has been written on the perceptions of entrepreneurial competences of the participants of the strategic partnership. Results obtained through this research will lead us to show new ways for developing students entrepreneurial competences to the educational community in general, and especially initial teachers from different countries. At the same time, the conclusions will allow us to explain the importance of entrepreneurial competences in achieving an integral and global education to policymakers and other stakeholders. The research results will also help us (educators and curriculum designers) to adapt the competences to the demands of nowadays society and labour market. The results will be transferred to other fields of studies. Go to this link.